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G-Force by Gigi Burk

A powerful new Group of Experts, with specialized roles, who have joined forces and pooled their collective energies to heighten the client’s Real Estate Experience! Created by GiGi Burk, who has over 30 years of Real Estate expertise, the Team capitalizes on the strengths and talents of each member to provide the ultimate level of service to their Clients!


GiGi began her real estate career right out of college, in 1982, when she started renovating and flipping houses. After numerous successful transactions on her own, GiGi decided to get her real estate license and help others with their real estate needs. GiGi was recognized as “Rookie of the Year” her first year in the business, and her success has continued since then. GiGi’s high energy, strict ethics, and knowledge from years of experience, along with the strong support from her team of agents and on-site staff, has positioned her far beyond the competition. GiGi is known to many as “the real go-getter”.