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Debbie Lewis




  • Cell:504.284.0195
  • Office:504.488.8600
  • Office Location:6260 Vicksburg Street, Suite A New Orleans, LA 70124


Debbie Does New Orleans…..Real Estate!

For Debbie, being born and raised in New Orleans has instilled a strong bond to the city and its values of family, culture and history; even though she lived away from New Orleans for many years, her heart was always connected to her hometown. Debbie, her husband and children returned to the city they love and are proof that you can indeed come home again. Debbie is a firm believer in the feeling of home and looks to help her clients find that when they are searching for their new “Home”.

Upon her return to New Orleans, Debbie spent time getting her children settled in school, reconnected with family and friends, immersed herself in the culture of the city and bought a beautiful new home. She then looked for the next adventure in her life and naturally gravitated to the Real Estate industry, wanting to help other families find their dream homes as well. Though she is fairly new to Real Estate, Debbie has a strong retail and sales background, including over 10 years with D. H. Holmes Department Stores. During her employment there, she worked in Sales, Human Resources, Staffing and Buying and successfully completed their Management Development course. The skills she developed there have aided her tremendously in the transition to the Real Estate field and all of its intricacies. Debbie’s clients know that she pays attention to the details of every transaction and that she does her best to see every transaction reaches the closing table.