Jefferson and River Ridge

Old Jefferson, as this neighborhood is often called, stretches along the Mississippi for about three square miles comfortably nestled between Orleans Parish and Harahan. It has plenty of neighborhood parks, restaurants, historic oak trees and shopping centers.

Jefferson is home to diverse architecture, as the land was settled by buyers who moved away from New Orleans proper and into a more country setting. This community began to grow in the 1960s and 1970s, so many of the homes are representative of that era. This development of Jefferson Parish has led to a wide variety of property options including ranchers, cottages, and single-family homes on larger lots. With time, Jefferson has begun to offer larger, multi-bedroom homes with open floor plans on estate-sized lots, as well as condominium developments and restored mansions.

Jefferson offers the convenience a buyer needs in a neighborhood, providing both local and chain restaurants, convenient shopping centers, convenience stores and hardware stores. These options allow residents to enjoy easy access to the cultural, entertainment and sporting calendars of the bustling New Orleans proper, while maintaining a quiet and friendly lifestyle.

Ochsner Health System’s main campus is on Jefferson Highway in this section of Jefferson. Other full-service medical institutions, urgent care centers, clinics and medical office complexes can also be found throughout the area. What makes Jefferson unique among Jefferson Parish neighborhoods is its close-knit community where residents take pride in their historic and peaceful surroundings.

Jefferson, about 3 square miles, is bounded by the Earhart Expressway, the Mississippi River, Harahan (Newman Avenue, west of Central Avenue) and the Orleans Parish line at Monticello Avenue.

This neighborhood is easily accessible; it’s less than 20 minutes from downtown New Orleans, and may be reached via River Road, Jefferson Highway or the Earhart Expressway. It’s also close to the New Orleans Louis Armstrong International Airport in Kenner.

River Ridge

River Ridge in Jefferson Parish stretches along the Mississippi River about four miles. It’s between Harahan and Kenner and is a bedroom community of nearby New Orleans. It’s dotted with mature trees, neighborhood parks, seafood restaurants and other amenities that have made it a popular locale for home buyers.

The rich land along the river was originally home to several sugar plantations and the development grew during the 1960s and 1970s. Homes here are representative of that era, with a combination of ranch styles, cottages and single-family homes on large lots. As the years progressed, River Ridge has also become a place to find large, open-floor-plan, multi-bedroom homes on estate-sized lots.

Potential home owners will also find restored mansions and styles from grand to modest, traditional to contemporary as well as condominium developments. A large selection of vacant land, available for development, can also still be found throughout the River Ridge area. Property owners know the value of their part of the metropolitan area and promote it as often as possible.

River Ridge’s boundaries are Metairie (Ivy Street and Milan Street), the Mississippi River, Kenner and Harahan (Folse Drive and Generes Drive).

River Ridge is less than 30 minutes from downtown New Orleans and is easily accessible by River Road, Jefferson Highway and Airline Highway, as well as Hickory Avenue, David Drive, Williams Boulevard and Sauve Road. New Orleans Louis Armstrong International Airport is just a few minutes east in Kenner.

Home buyers will find many choices here, from the rustic to the pristine, from traditional homes to restored historic mansions. Cottages representative of an earlier era sit alongside new construction designed to appeal to contemporary families. Condominium development continues to flourish, while estate-sized lots are being carved out for new homes with every conceivable modern amenity.

There are plenty of restaurants, convenient shopping developments boasting boutiques, coffee shops, convenience stores and hardware centers plus sporting teams that play in the local parks.